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How To Decide About What Kind
Of Help To Seek

Do you need an Attorney?

If the issue is small and can taken care of without professional advice from an attorney you might be able to find what you need from an online or public legal resource. If the matter is more complex, involves a criminal charge or lawsuit, you should seek the advice of an attorney. If you are unsure, an initial consultation with Bobby Taylor is a low risk investment that will help you decide.

What kind of Attorney?

The home page of, lists the areas that Bobby Taylor most often practices in. If your need is outside one of these areas, ask. If after discussing your situation, Bobby Taylor believes you do need an attorney, he will either offer to represent you or recomend a collegue he feels could best represent your interests.

Legal Links

General Law Information

Texas Law Libraries from DMOZ
UT Tarlton Law Library

Civil Rights

Civil Rights Act of 1964

Criminal Law

Texas Penal Code Offenses by Punishment Range
Texas Constitution and Statutes

Family Law

Texas Statutes - Family Law

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